Co-Op Charting & Lunch Tommy Thompson's

St. James Marina


Our Co-Op charting cruise and luncheon will wrap up the 2018 boating season. You will have the option to just cruise or to assist with the cooperative charting of our designated section of the Waterway. We will then all gather for lunch If you have any questions please call Jaynee Wood at 919-971-7575 or

We will cruise to the St. James Marina and have lunch at 11:00am at Tommy Thompson's Grille.


November 1...Thursday is nearing!  We will be gathering some time fairly early on Thursday morning to perform ATON checks for this CO-Op Charting Cruise with your respective captain to ensure that we are all able to meet up with each other at St. James Marina at 11:00 - 11:15 am.  The restaurant informed me today that they will not be open util 11:30 am for lunch. 

Whatever time you captains plan to meet....please inform your passengers so that you will be at Tommy Thompson's at St. James Marina no later than 11:00 - 11: 15 am on Thursday mid-day. should have your form "check off" sheets printed and you should have reviewed them to consider the time you will need to inspect each day buoy and/or marker in the waterway.  If you need me to re-submit NOAA charts and/or your summation forms, please advise and I will re-send them to you.

Let's use Channel 20 to communicate with each other....I believe Tommy Thompson's is located between ATON markers 16 - 18.  I am unsure of the radio channel frequency to marina to call dockmaster on  but I believe it is marked at the entrance to the marina. 

Once you gather at Tommy Thompsons---near the markers 15-16 along the waterway, make sure you have approximately $5.00 as you near the marina by which to give to the dock hands to assist you with your boat docking.

For those of you who are driving to St. James, please enter St. James from Midway Rd. (the 2nd entrance called the GROVE entrance).  If you enter at this point, you can go directly to marina from this access point with direct path. If you should be asked, please acknowledge your are with the US Power Squadron from Shallotte and that you are there to participate in a meeting/luncheon at Tommy Thompson's on the water.  Allow yourself plenty of time to locate this side entrance (near airport to Oak Island) as the main entrance on #211 Hwy is closed. 

Everybody will be paying their own checks at the restaurant with individual tabs.  Be prepared to provide me with your forms having reviewed your respective ATONS that were assigned to each group.  If you took pictures, please submit them to me via text at 919-971-7575 or email the pics to me at:

We should have a super nice day on Thursday with temperatures nearing 80 degrees including clear skies.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via email, text ,and/or phone at 919-971-7171 or above-referenced email.