Bald head Island Cruise 2019

Cruise Captain: John Cardwell
Date: Thursday 22August 2019

Shallotte River Sail and Power Squadron (SRSPS) boats will cruise to Bald Head Island, lunch at Mojo’s Restaurant, and return to homeport. With the concurrence of your Boat Captain in advance, participants are free to rent golf carts and explore the lighthouse and the island. Boat captains hosting golf cart renters will return to their respective homeports on their own separate schedules.

-Rendezvous at SeaScape Marina at 1015 on Thursday 22 August.
-Depart SeaScape Marina 1030.
-Cruise to Bald Head Island marina.  Nominal cruise speed will be 22 knots.
-Arrive Bald Head Island circa 1130.
-1200 Lunch at Mojo’s restaurant. Each person is responsible for his or her lunch tab.
-1430* Depart Bald Head Island Marina (* boats hosting golf cart renters will depart separately per your Boat Captain’s schedule.  
-1530 Arrive SeaScape Marina

Please email the cruise captain at  no later than 8 AUGUST 2019 to register for the cruise. Boat captains must provide their name, name of boat, boat registration number, length of boat, the number of  passengers they can take, and if they can accommodate passengers who want to rent golf carts.  Individuals who need passenger space should contact John Cardwell not later than Wednesday 8 August and indicate if they want to rent a golf cart. The number of boats may be limited and this will limit the number of passenger spaces available. Passenger space and boat assignments will be made on a first come/first serve basis.  If there is no passenger space available in a SRSPS boat and you still wish to participate by taking the ferry to Bald Head Island, please notify the Cruise Captain to insure you are included in the luncheon reservations.

Docking fee at the Bald Head Marina is $20/per boat. Four docking spaces have been reserved. Additional docking spaces might be available if the need arises. If your boat is 30’ or longer, you must make your own arrangements in advance with the Bald Head Island dock master (910) 457-7380.  Boats longer than 30’ will have a higher docking fee.

Cart rental: Individuals wishing to rent golf carts must make their own arrangements by calling: Cary Cart Company, (910) 457-7333 or email at:  Those renting golf carts are responsible for all costs.

If you rent a golf cart, you will be provided a map and you will be on your own to discover the island in any way that you wish. Be sure to return the cart and be ready to depart the marina per the schedule you have arranged with your Boat Captain.

You may want to stop at Old Baldy where you can climb the
108 steps to the top to enjoy the spectacular view of the island!

Arrangements have been made at Mojo’s and they are expecting our group. The restaurant may want to seat us in smaller groups in order to serve us best. Each participant is responsible for his or her lunch costs.
Cruising Plan Details
Sea Scape Marina is located just west of the Lockwood Folly Inlet on the mainland side of the Intracoastal Waterway.
CRUISE ROUTE: The route will take us east on the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) to Southport, across the Cape Fear River, and into the Bald Head Island Marina. We will cruise at approximately 22 Knots although we may slow as we transit the Cape Fear River to the Bald Head Island (BHI) Marina. High tide is early afternoon on the 22nd and the water in the Cape Fear River can be rough, depending on wind and currents.

We'll be traveling east on the ICW to Southport; BHI Marina is 2 miles south and east across the Cape Fear River. Boat Captains should be aware the current outside the entrance to the Bald Head Island Marina can be swift and care should be taken when entering and exiting the BHI harbor entrance. The ferry uses this entrance also and boat captains should yield to the ferry traffic to avoid any conflict.